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How To Use Instagram Efficiently For Your Business

Instagram has over 400-500 million active users a month. What is even more likeable for businesses is that the audience is not only more engaging but there is much lesser competition as compared to Facebook or Twitter. This is an ideal place for businesses to explore where they can target their audiences in a better way than to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on advertising which many time fails to reach the right audience. However, since this is a bit of a recent movement, not everyone is comfortable using this technology and neither are they familiar with the possibilities.
Here are some tips that can help you take advantage of Instagram to improve the presence of your business in the industry.

  1. Your profile: Your profile on the page is the first one people can click on. It rests just below your name and very few people use it comprehensively. What you should remember is that just by directing people to your website, you will not win them over. There are other ways and means to attract users who will eventually become your customers. It is merely 150 words but it should be regularly updated with current information and that many businesses fail to do effectively. You can pass on information about a product launch, event, promotion and so on. You can improve the number of registrations for an event, you can promote the download of your apps, or purchase of products where possible. With more businesses using Instagram, they have come up with a Business Profile Page which can be used more extensively by businesses. However, this feature is only available in a few countries right now 10 Expert Social Media Marketing Tips for 2016 | Social Media Today.

  2. A peek at the process: They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words and it is true. Your customers only know your products or services. They do not know the struggle or the process behind building it. So, share pictures of the entire process of raw material to finished products. If it is a service you are dealing with, then take random pictures of Meetings, brainstorming sessions, and so on. Anything you can put up which can creatively represent the process will attract followers.

You should always remember that this is a visual content based space and hence if you can visually represent how your business solves a problem (not a product) you will see the results.
Many companies like those that have products which are environment friendly will benefit greatly from such efforts as people can truly see where the products are coming from.

  1. Collaboration:Another wonderful way to increase your followers and likes on Instagram is by collaborating with others similarly matched (in terms of followers). What you will do in such a case is give a “shout out” to another brand. Both will benefit from the increased exposure and you will be able to promote each other’s brand. While this option is a free of cost, you can also indulge in a paid option with a larger brand having more followers than yours. This is a far bolder approach and will benefit your business greatly depending on the bigger brand and its followers.

There are businesses that also choose to buy likes which also works. However, this is a not a permanent option and hence should be used by a business after careful thoughts and considerations. There are many websiteslike which offer services to build “likes” the minute you upload a picture or a video.
Another effective strategy is to associate yourself with a non-profit organization especially one that aligns with your brand and its values. Instagram which is known to be a powerful tool to highlight success stories, can be instrumental in presenting your business in the right light.
Building anticipation about your product or service also works very effectively in keeping followers glued to your next move. Allowing loyal customers, a peek at what’s coming keeps them excited and happy. This will push many people to follow you on Instagram.

Businesses grow stronger and are more successful if they move with the times. They should learn to promote themselves in a way that customers would want to associate themselves with your brand.